Althea DeBarr-Johnson
Probate Attorney
Former Ad-Hoc Judge and Certified Mediator Guardian Ad-Litem for Fulton County Probate Court
Court Appointed Attorney for Adult Guardianships

Althea DeBarr-Johnson is an attorney in private practice and founder of the Law Firm of Althea DeBarr-Johnson, P.C. She is the Chief Executive Officer responsible for the firm’s overall strategy, policy and day-to-day management. She has more than 18-years of experience in wealth protection and probate law, which includes wills, trust, integrated estate administration, conservatorship and guardianship.

Her honesty and expertise in probate law is distinguished by being among the few lawyers that receive Court appointments to serve as the attorney or guardian ad litem for incapacitated adults.

Affiliations and Associations:

      • State Bar of Georgia Fiduciary Law
      • Board Member of the Dekalb County Council on Literacy
      • Board Member of the Historic Butler Street Community Development Corporation

Althea DeBarr-Johnson P.C. is one of Atlanta’s most trusted law firms for Estate, Trust, Probate Administration and Guardianship and Conservatorship. Building on her as one of metro area’s top estate, trust and guardianship matters, the firm has consistently delivered the best legal services that protect current and future assets and intergenerational wealth — for your loved ones.

The Law Firm of Althea DeBarr-Johnson is committed to the highest level of ethical standards and legal services. Our detail-oriented research, case preparation, dedication to client needs and legal expertise provide clients with superb legal help before, during and after times of change. We work hard to ensure that our clients and their loved ones are provided the best in asset protection and value. The firm’s 18 years of success have been achieved through a strong commitment to these principles and practices.

“We work with people every day who count on our expertise to plan for life’s changes and to help them during those times when life indeed has changed. Change is inevitable. What our firm does is help people prepare for the inevitable or manage legal matters during and after a major or life changing event. We are advisors, counselors and advocates for our clients so that they can live their lifes with the assurance that their loved ones will be taken care of in the future. We help clients get on with “The Business of Living” and we are bound by our commitment to give clients the most effective counsel and best in legal services.” – Althea DeBarr-Johnson

Our Promise:

      • We will be truthful, open and honest throughout the process.
      • We will ensure that we will have a clear understanding of your unique needs and estate planning goals.
      • We will provide personalized attention to your unique needs.
      • We will answer your questions thoroughly to ensure you understand your options and can make the best decision for your specific circumstances.
      • We will return your phone calls promptly.
      • We will give you a fair assessment of your legal situation.
      • We will provide effective legal counsel and advice.
      • We will be professional, respectful and responsive.
      • We  will represent you vigorously and protect your interests.
      • We will strive for unsurpassed excellence in counseling you on the course of action best suited to your specific needs.



There is more to a highly successful and widely respected law firm than its lawyer. There is also the professional team that allows the lawyer to focus on what she does best – delivering exceptional legal advice and serving clients.  At ADJPC, we believe that a law firm must operate like any other successful business: with a strong focus on maximizing the value delivered to the client.


Audrey DeBarr
Office Manager

Ms. DeBarr is our Office Manager overseeing the human resource and administrative operations for the firm. Her background in management, training, and development allow her to bring a blend of business knowledge and performance management to ADJPC employees. Prior to joining the firm, she held a series of progressive roles with a major US bank, DeKalb District Attorney’s Office and finally retiring from DeKalb County as a programmer analyst. She is most proud of being part of an innovative legal firm with a storied heritage that is firmly rooted in service across Georgia.


Brittney Johnson

Ms. Johnson handles the intake of new clients, prepares and files court petitions, processes legal documents, negotiate settlements and research property  for the firm. Ms. Johnson has a background in Civil Litigation and Probate and Estate Law. Ms. Johnson has three years of paralegal experience and eleven years of Administrative Assistant experience. Ms. Johnson graduated from Shaw University with a BA Degree in Political Science and a minor in International Relations. She would like to follow in Attorney Johnson footsteps to pursue a Juris Doctor degree in Probate and Estate Law. Outside of the office, Ms. Johnson volunteer as a Youth Coordinator and is involved in their Social Justice Ministry at Ebenezer Baptist Church, home of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.



Lydia J. Gamble
Licensed Professional Counselor

As a Licensed Professional Counselor Ms. Gamble helps individuals understand how all parts of their well-being are interrelated and to facilitate their individual journey in the growth process. Her specialty area includes counseling adolescents and emerging adults that are struggling to manage academic, behavioral and family issues, as well as helping parents to understand the developmental and cognitive changes that are taking place with their children. She also work with adults whom are in the midst of transition and need additional support through life’s “ups and downs.”

As a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor, Ms. Gamble advocates and assists individuals with developmental and physical disabilities navigate various aspects of vocational planning, as well as short and long term health care management.


Wellington Cox Howard, II
Georgia Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

Mr. Howard carries a wealth of knowledge that includes insurance, bonding, and real-estate. Before founding Georgia Insurance Brokerage Inc. in 1970, he was trained by Travelers Insurance Company in Mass Marketing Casualty Risk Management – this training gave him expertise in all areas of casualty and property insurance, with licensing in all forms of insurance and a Series 7 security license with the National Association of Security Dealers (NASD).

Mr. Howard has received numerous awards and honors in recognition of his social activism, and serves on several advisory boards for insurance agencies and also volunteers with various non-profit organizations.


Attorney V.  Aislee Smith
TaxConcepts, LLC

Attorney V. Aislee Smith is the Founding Member, Chief Executive Office and Senior Tax Attorney of TaxConcepts, LLC. His unparalleled substantive knowledge of tax law, corporate law, and business finance combined with his unique practical insights into the political and public policy driven nuances of the Internal Revenue Service, establishes a new paradigm for tax law practice with TaxConcepts.

Attorney Smith orchestrates a concurrent and comprehensive analysis of the personal, business and financial activities of each client to not only ensure tax compliance, but implementation of tax strategies.